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 Hello, I'm Connie! Now that we've met how about  I tell you a little about me? I love to write, it's like having a super power. I was born and raised in Ontario...yes I'm Canadian, no I don't live in an igloo, no I've never pet  a polar bear, but I have run into a few black bears, seen wolves, moose, coyotes and I think there's a hundred pound squirrel in my attic. I spend as much time as I can get away with looking for rocks in Bancroft. When I'm not in Bancroft I live in a small town, so people know me when they see me. Some ask me what I'm working on--some even ask me in a regular voice not a whisper. I get bored easily, it's why one day I'll be working on assassins, the next Sci-fi, then Vikings, then vampires, then planning world domination--wait, what? Moving on. I love animals and we have a dog, 120p mastiff. He's great with the kids and careful around them, but he'd run me over for a piece of bologna. Otherwise he loves us. If you want to get to know me better join me on FB or twitter. Right now I need to change back into a mom, it's my best super power.

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